Senator David Norris' address to Seanad Eireann (the Irish Senate)

In Sept. 2007, fourteen months before Ireland's bank bailout, I resigned from my position as the Risk Manager of UniCredit Bank Ireland. I did that in order not to incriminate myself. I have spent the last 4 years seeking justice. On Feb. 23rd., 2010, I was fortunate to have Senator David Norris raise the matter in Seanad Eireann (the Irish Senate), and request a response from the Minister of Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan. Senator Norris concluded by stating that:
"...there is ministerial responsibility in this matter. This is a grossly serious matter which has been reported to the Financial Regulator. A man has lost his job as a result. He honourably resigned. The degree of breach was 40 times the accepted margin. This is a disaster. If we are not prepared to face the issue and investigate it when it has been laid before the House, there is absolutely no hope for the financial system or its reputation worldwide...How can the Financial Regulator investigate himself? He was in breach of his responsibility."
In Nov. 2011, Emma Alberici, Europe correspondent for ABC TV, told my story as part of her documentary 'Going Rogue' which featured Nick Leeson and Sir John Vickers among other interviewees. It is ironic that at a time when the Irish tax-payer is bailing out un-secured bond holders, my story which occurred in Dublin, is deemed of interest to the Australian TV license payer. Please click on 'play video' on the following link:
VRT, Belgian state-TV, aired this interview with me on March 6th., 2013. My Interview begins in minute 27:
Het verdriet van Europa: Zeepbellen blazen (The sadness of Europe: Bursting bubbles)
VRT, Belgian state-TV, released extra footage of my interview on March 8th., 2013. (in English):

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A reader's comment that made my day!

Thank you 'Fungus' for taking the time to write your comment yesterday morning. Judging by the number of emails I received subsequently, you touched and alarmed many many people...

On 24 April 2011 04:32, Fungus FitzJuggler III left a new comment on your post "Brian Lenihan, Irish Ex-Minister of Finance confes...": 

Ireland sometimes seems like a perfect vacuum! No matter how much you and I and others shout, nothing ever happens in return, not even an echo.

There is no accountability. Criminals are elected to the Dail simply because they are "indispensable". Their voters are loyal to him because they share in an unequal allocation of patronage even though equality is supposedly guaranteed by law.

Ireland knows what it has done and is content to appear discontented! There are no riots as in Greece. There is an old tradition in both countries of emigration, a shameful indictment of the lack of opportunity for those outside the nomenklatura.

You are to be commended for trying to remind them of their collective dishonesty.

Those who take a long view, consider that the lesson is actually lost on them. You and I and the Rothschilds should set them up, if we are around in forty years or so? They will fall for it again...... The idea of checks and balances escapes them!